Valid from date: 2018-08-27


2018-08-27: New file

Use of the site Quiprentals and the Equipment Manager

This sets out the terms and conditions between your legally registered company ("The Company" / "The Rental Partner"), you ("The User") and the website Quiprentals and the Equipment Manager ("The Service").

1. Relevant and updated listings

You, or any other user in your company will be responsible for keeping the rental equipment listings up to date and list equipment that is relevant to the markets and industries covered by Quiprentals listed in About Us.
It is the User's responsibility to ensure that proper booking information is entered whenever the equipment is rented or taken out of service temporarily.
It is the User's responsibility to remove the equipment listing from public view once the equipment is sold or otherwise unavailable.

2. Selection of category and number of items in each listing

It is the User's responsibility to specify and select under which equipment category the listing should be published.
One equipment listing should only apply to one item (object, equipment item), if not this equipment usually is rented as a package or system.
It is the User's responsibility to ensure that the equipment listing contains the correct product data that provides sufficient information about the equipment, its condition and other factors that are important in view of a customer/renter in compliance with laws, government regulations and good merchant manners.
You agree to comply with the information on price and warranty and other information you provide.

3. Intellectual property rights or other rights

The User is responsible for making sure that he/she has acquired necessary rights and permissions to the content produced by him/her to the Service. The content produced should not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or entity, and should not contain statements or material the publication of which may give rise to liability to damages or liability for Quips IT AS ("Quips IT"). The User shall fully compensate any and all damage to Quips IT if the content does not comply with this provision.
Quips IT has the right to copy all or part of any material you have entered in listings and posted public. This use is required for general marketing purposes, for e.g. relisting in search engines, marketing websites and other media.

4. Acceptable use of the Service

Quips IT reserves the right to remove content, and to temporarily withdraw or terminate the usage rights if he/she according to Quips IT's assessment, has intentionally performed breach of the terms, or is intentionally using the Service in a way that it is obviously not intended for.

While using the Service, you agree NOT to do any of the following without prior written authorization from Quips IT:

  • Post personal websites, website links or other links in any equipment listing.
  • Share your Rental Partner subscription with other companies.
  • Share passwords, login information or named user identification, or otherwise allow multiple offices or users to access the Service*).
  • Post multiple similar items within one listing, if these are not usually rented as a package or system.
  • Post repeated keywords in an effort to gain higher ranking in search engines. This will actually cause the opposite.
  • Engage in "spamming" or mass marketing via e-mail or otherwise to the Service's users or Rental Partners.
  • Post or transmit any content or information that is unlawful, or otherwise objectionable or harmful.
  • Post or transmit any content or information that infringes on any party's intellectual property, trade secret or other rights without the written authorization to do so.
  • Use the Service for any unlawful information gathering purposes.
  • In any way reproduce the Service or its contents.
*) Shared e-mail as users are allowed, as long as this is agreed with Quips IT, and one person from your company (the Rental Partner) is registered as owner of the account. This person will then be responsible for the account and it's use, and for informing other users about the terms and conditions.


Current subscription prices, charges, commission (**) and content of the various Rental Partner alternatives may change without further notice. Existing Rental Partners will keep the terms unchanged until the agreed subscription period ends, plus three months.
**) Commission based pricing may be offered as an alternative to subscription based pricing. Please Contact Us for further information.