Why become a Rental Partner

  • Register and publish information, pictures and documentation for your rental equipment.
  • Get access to a cloud based inventory management service.
  • Reach new customers both in your local market and globally.
  • Enter new markets in addition to the markets you normally operate in.
  • Make money and grow your business with us.
  • The application process is free.
  • Management Systems

    Save time and Money. We will develop new digital tools and systems that makes it easy managing your rental equipment inventory and rental customers.

    Control of sharing information

    In the Equipment Manager you will be in control over the information, pictures and documentation you share on each equipment. You can choose to share sensitive information only with your trusted customers. Internal information, pictures and documentation can be stored securely in the Equipment Manager.

    Standard Rental Contracts

    Use your own rental contracts, or use standard contracts available from Quiprentals (coming).

    Application and Pre-Qualification

    Quiprentals shall be a trusted marketplace both for customers and Rental Partners. The equipment need to be of high quality Of this reason we will perform a limited pre-qualification of all new Rental Partners. Companies that are already member of EPIM JQS, an Achilles Community or similar Joint Qualification System will usually qualify.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Equipment offered for rent need to be relevant to the markets and industries covered by Quiprentals listed in About Us.
    • You have to accept and comply to Partner Terms of Use, which is a supplement to Terms of Use
    • Your company should have a Quality Management System in use that comply to e.g. ISO 9001


    Quiprentals main purpose is to be an efficient marketing tool that creates value for our Rental Partners.
    You can check out our introductory offer here: Pricing, or you may contact us for more information.

    I would like to apply to become a Rental Partner