About Quiprentals

Quiprentals is a B2B marketplace for rental equipment and plant hire focusing on the following markets:
- Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
- Offshore and Land Drilling
- Subsea Production
- Wind- and Renewable Energy
- Subsea Work including Cable- and Pipe Laying
- Ship- and Marine Industries including Supply Vessels and Work Boats
- Fisheries, Fish Farms and Aquaculture
- Power Generation

Our Purpose and Vision

To optimize the procurement process of rental equipment by use of digital technologies.
To become an efficient tool for equipment rental businesses to manage and market their equipment all over the world.

We think that there is a large potential for resource savings, and hence cost savings, if available equipment can be shared among these markets.

Who are we?

Quiprentals is owned and published by Quips IT AS located in Norway.

The team behind Quips IT AS have for over 20 years worked in the fields of Equipment Supply, Surplus Management and Asset Recovery Services with brokerage company Quipbrokers AS and the Surplus Equipment Database Quipbase.

For more information you may visit Quipbase.com